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Relationship Revelations

by Hunt Henion

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Looking, Seeing, & Knowing
by Hunt Henion

Discover the hidden mechanisms of the universe! Meticulous research combined with channeled answers reveals secrets you would never have imagined.


They’re altering my children’s DNA again, and we (referring to herself, the sun, and others) are making our own DNA enhancements... Your leaders are playing God again...So we're removing them from their fortress. -- Messages from Mother Earth



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Get a Synopsis of what you need to know NOW about the 2012 Transition with The Renewal.

Find faith in your own Impossible Dream
By experiencing the true story of Don Quixote! 
The Don Q Point of View

Discover Peace of Mind.
Decipher the secret agenda life has for you!
Dispel the Deception and destruction around you
By learning to work with the one true power!
The BIG Fake-out, the illusion of Limits

Get a close-up Look at the magical mechanisms that run our universe.
See for yourself how that can change you life!
Get to Know the divine order of things and your place in it!
Looking, Seeing & Knowing

Enjoy these stories as they expand your perspective!
Revel in the experience of your true being as you relate to a place where you are far more capable than you ever imagined; a place where you can live your highest potential and where your beliefs are attuned to what your heart knows – a place that to your utter relief, you’ll recognize as home.

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