... about your channeling ... what you told to us several years ago has come to pass.

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Reader Comments

"I'm tremendously impressed with your writing -- interesting, articulate, clear! However, that wasn't surprising -- I expected that of you..."  Suzanne Ward, author of The Matthew Books

“Hunt…you have an amazing ability to make a very complex topic
appear simple and easily understood by most anyone. ...I realized some time ago that you were someone connected with the Masters.  Thus, my respect for everything you have to say." -- Wayne Peterson, channeler of Maitreya and author of Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings

"Right on target my friend. I can feel some enormous shift and change coming on now and ESP in the near future....   Thanks for this very good report, very uplifting.   Thank god higher forces are in action now, and those great beings who love us are shifting all."  Jim MT

"Great letter hunt.  You're speaking to my soul! You're telling me about choices I've been trying to make, but fear, like you say, is always twisting my head around.  Thanks for the Big Picture email updates. It helps too get focused.      Bill MT

"Thank you!  I enjoyed your site very much!  ...it is good work, and I for one appreciate it!"   Love, Ashtar Athena         

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What a NICE site you are doing.  I have sent it on to many of my email friends.  And I put in a note about your channeling and how what was told to us several years ago has come to pass.    Keep up the good work and continue to keep us informed, please.  Our best to you both.  Assina

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Bless you for staying true to your intention to manifest a world that is more conscious.   I truly believe what you have said and have had some strong messages… some strong confirmations on your senses. 

– Kimmie Rose, InnerViews CBS Radio ( www.psychiconair.com ).